Misrule. A tale of fae and feudalism.

Our great nation of England lies in peril. My King, Henry Plantagenet, is dead. His Queen, Eleanor of Aquitaine is absent waging her holy crusade in the holy lands, taking much of our armed might with her. A rebellion is stirring in the North. Thieves and cut-throats plague the roads, and dark beasts continue to emerge from the wilds.

In the absence of an anointed ruler, and in the face of the many threats to the realm, I, Rosamund Clifford, declare myself regent.

If you are receiving this letter, I offer you an opportunity to serve your Country. Or if that does not motivate you, an opportunity to better yourself whilst serving the realm. Attend me at Godstow Abbey near Oxford on the final evening of summer if you wish to learn more.

Under the Great Seal of England
Regent Rosamund Clifford
1st August 1187.

Since the death of Henry II three months ago, England has reverted to a lawless and savage society not seen since the struggles following the death of Arthur. Whilst he was alive, Henry II, with his vassal knights, travelling courts, justices and habit of turning up unexpectedly, kept the system working. However with his death, and Queen Eleanor away with most of the nobility and their retainers on crusade, the country is leaderless and in a weak military position. Those who remain are largely peasants: farmers, minor traders and crafters, or outlaws, inquisitors, pagan worshippers of the Old Gods, and other assorted villeins.

The feudal system had provided structure: from Henry the nobles held their land, and from the nobles the freemen held theirs. With the throne of England vacant an argument can be made that nobody has the right to hold any title over any area of land. Were the nobility here this argument would be soon quashed and the rumourmongers tortured and executed, but few people are left able to enforce their rights with violence, and the concept that property belongs to those who can grab it is spreading. English law has a lot to say about property rights and little about personal rights: the only protection a peasant or freeman knows is that of his lord and his lord’s paid knights, and they are away fighting across Europe.

There may be no recognisable country left when they return.

Into this void, rumours spread that the King’s mistress Rosamund Clifford has declared herself Regent, and - against all good conscience - formed a pact with the Faerie to 'help' the realm.


Misrule is the Oxford University RPG Society's Society Game for Michaelmas 2015/Hilary 2016. Players play a members of the lower classes who have been recruited to act as agents of the regent to stabilise the country. This has put you in a position to dramatically improve your own position, and to reforge England anew - perhaps even working against the Regent's wishes.


If you are new to roleplaying, welcome! We recommend you start at the Introduction page. Or if you'd rather dive into the details, explore the setting using the menu, then send us a character using the rules given in Character Creation.

The first session on Tuesday 13th October will be dedicated to character generation, with assistance on hand for new members.

Sessions run Tuesdays 7.30pm-11pm at the Cooper Dean Room in St Hugh's College.

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