IC attitudes to Equality

Please read this page in conjunction with the Equality and Acceptable Themes page, that provides a list of forbidden topics.


In the world of Misrule, patriarchy never happened. Not even in the past. If you suggested it, most people would consider you crazy, and possibly report you to the church as a troubled individual. Whilst a very few families have a tradition of either patriarchy or matriarchy, it is very much the exception and usually based in some unusual history that very much does not derive from a perception of gender superiority. History in Misrule features as many queens and female popes as male ones.

Perhaps as a result, there is little care for sexual identity, and whether a Queen prefers men or women is neither here no there - so long as there is an heir arising from a legal marriage either through birth or adoption.


Discrimination against heathens is positively encouraged in Misrule (however note that real world slurs are banned by OURPGSoc policy). After all, they sacrifice good Christians to their evil gods! In response to the resurgent pagan menace, people of the book have banded together, and there is little animosity between the relatively few Jews and Muslims of Europe and the Christian majority.

Players are welcome (and encouraged) to play worshippers of the Old Gods, and similarly should they gain power within the game, we encourage them to discriminate against the people of the book.

Of course, the raids from the rapidly expanding Seljuk Empire are a concern for the Byzantines, who have called in significant favours with the Pope to summon a multi-national army to repel them and “restore Christian access to the Holy Lands” under the nominal banner of “faith”, though the troubadours spin tales of how this is mostly a political move. Out of Character, we do not expect players to play Crusaders - if your character is a Crusader, they would have left with Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Out of character, we would encourage anyone who seeks to play a particularly awful and discriminatory character to speak with the GM team via email, as we can provide guidance and examples of good practice. The key thing is to keep all discriminatory behaviours IC, and ensure they cannot be taken as out of character insults.

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