Character Creation


  • 9 points to spend on skills, linear costings, to maximum of 3 at character creation.
  • Optionally choose a specialisation for at most two skills (ever).
  • 3 points to spend on quirks. An additional 6 points can be gained by taking a corresponding value in negative quirks.
  • Specify a patron saint or deity if you wish

Step 0: Who are you?

Before starting, decide what your core character concept is going to be: are you a highwayman, a monster slayer, a priest, a servant, or something else? What religion do you follow: are you a devout Christian, or a follower of one of the heretical old ways? Note that not attending your local church is likely to attract significant negative attention!

The sessions are set in England, which means that although your character can be from any nation listed in the 'Setting' briefs, they are resident in England, Scotland, Wales or France. It should go without saying that your character may be of any racial background (save perhaps American or Australasian) and that race has no bearing on nationality in this game. People of all genders are equal in this setting, and always have been.

Please note that, owing to the current conflict in the Middle East and the racial hatred which was prevalent during the 12th century, this game is touching only lightly on the Crusades. If you have a character concept which revolves around the Crusades, or you want to use this as part of your backstory, please contact the GM team, and be aware that we may veto such concepts.

You may wish to read the Character-creation related FAQs.

Step 1: Skills

Skills represent what your character is good at. They range from 0 (untrained) to 5 (best in the country); skill levels for starting characters are capped at 3 (competent expert). You may choose to specialise in particular uses of some skills, giving you a bonus in some narrow area at the cost of a penalty in other situations.

  • You have 9 points to spend on skills.
  • Each rank costs one point, so to take a skill at level 3 costs 3 points.
  • At character creation, the maximum level you can take is level 3.
  • Optionally select a specialisation for up to two of your skills
  • Faith and Willpower are metaphysically incompatible, thus the sum of the two cannot exceed 5 for a given character at any time.

Step 2: Quirks

Quirks represent aspects of your character that are not skills.

  • You have 3 points to spend on quirks
  • You may gain up to 6 additional points by taking negative quirks. These points may only be spent on more quirks.
  • You may take as many negative quirks as you like for roleplaying reasons.

Step 3: Faction(s) [Optional]

There are a range of factions in the game:

You may start play as a member of as many of these factions as you like, or you may join them in game through appropriate roleplay or actions. Of course, each faction will have expectations of its members, and should you disappoint them all may not end well: depending on how badly you err and the faction in question, you could face anything from being struck off through being declared an arch-heretic with a price on your head from your erstwhile “friends”.

Step 4: Fill in the details

Write a bio about your character. Tell us how old they are, where they live and how they got there. Do you have any close family members or friends you seek to protect? What is your secret ambition?

Step 5: Email us your character

Once you have your character, email the details to Be sure to include the following:


If you have any queries, or have decided you would like to play a particular faction/religon and want access to the associated secret brief for inspiration on the fine details of your character, please email us!

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