Ancient Rites: Blood, Bone and Stars

Before any God made Light, there was only the Darkness. But in that darkness there was Power. Power over what once was and what may yet be again.

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The lands of England are littered with ancient megalithic structures. The Long Barrows, The Henges, Cairns, Chalk figures. Their purpose is lost to history, what is clear is the great effort which must have been required for their construction. Some modern masons claim it would be impossible to reproduce even with modern technology.

Vestigial tales mention these places used in ancient worship — but not of Gods, but our mortal ancestors. Ancient shaman casting magicks using the bones of their forefathers, witch doctors evoking curses in the names of the fallen. Some tales tell of ancient warriors rising from their barrows in defence of their tribe. Others of live sacrifices to the sun, moon and stars upon the great altars of stone circles.

In recent times however, evidence of fresh use of these sites has been found. Blood on the altars, doors forced open upon the barrows and fresh bodies interred. It is unclear whether this represents surviving knowledge of ancient religions, or whether foolish men are once again experimenting with ungodly ways.

OOC: You cannot start the game with knowledge of these rites. It must be acquired in play. However you may wish to take the quirk Touched By Mystery, which will see it seek you out. This may not be a good thing.

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