Frequently Asked Questions

Character Creation

Can I play one of the Fae?

No, you cannot play a Fae at game start. However, do consider the fey-touched quirk.

This rule may be relaxed for players whose characters are killed later in the game.

Can I play a real-life person or a mythological figure, like Prince John or Robin Hood?

No, though you are welcome to play a character based on them. You could take the quirk Of Noble Blood and make a character loosely related to the Plantagenets, though fallen on hard times, or a famous outlaw with the quirk Notorious Outlaw, but all player characters must be created by players (with GM assistance if requested) and must not be existing figures from history or folklore.

Can I mix Willpower and Faith based magics?

This is metaphysically impossible. You may of course try, but don't expect to ever make it work, or even anything to happen.

Of course, the independent effects of both could be combined in a clever fashion by an enterprising individual.

How do I defend myself from a sneaky character?

Investigation counters skulduggery, and acts passively. You may also wish to take combat or employ sufficient guards to ensure that once detected you can successfully deal with the miscreant. Of course, if you turnsheet to take off your armour, hand over your sword and put the blindfold on, even investigation won't save you.

Character Death

How hard is it to die?

It depends!

If you are on the losing side of a fight against GM-controlled forces, we will typically deal non-fatal damage either eliminating positive quirks (maybe your competent ally dies saving your life, or you lose your ancestral blade?) or giving you new negative ones (you are declared outlaw, or severely wounded). If you continue to push your luck, however, NPCs can kill you, or hire other PCs to do so on their behalf. Of course if you've selected the Hit Me Harder! quirk, the gloves come off.

If you are on the losing side of a fight against another PC, and they are explicitly trying to kill you, you will die. If there is no clear margin between victor and victim, you may escape with your life but suffer some major consequence.

Player vs Player (PvP)

For the enjoyment of all, we ask that players don't try and kill other players without good reason.

However, given a good excuse it is encouraged. You may choose to just severely embarrass your opponent and strip them of all meaning in their life before imprisoning them and gloating. Or you may choose to stick to the evil overlord guidelines and kill them immediately. Please be explicit in your turnsheet action if you wish to kill them to avoid any confusion.

Other Questions

How trustworthy is the information presented here?

It depends. Everything OC (room location, email address, OC equality information) is as accurate as the GM team can make it. The character creation system is also accurate, if possibly not entirely complete - anyone who has skimmed the pages on magic can guess that we are revealing very few of our spells and secrets, and there may be quirks out there which can only be gained in play, so are not listed on the Quirks page. However, with those caviats aside, this information is trustworthy and accurate.

The 'Setting'; 'Further Afield'; 'Society' and 'Fae and Faith' sections vary, and to some extent, judging this is a matter of common sense. Most of the information here is the truth, and certainly as far as your character knows there will be few reasons not to believe this at game start. However, characters tend to see the world through their own prejudices - an Inheritor of the Old Ways might well believe the Christian saints cannot call on the powers they claim, and similarly an Inquisitor might believe the Old Gods to be the Fae playing tricks on unsuspecting humans. There are also plot hooks sprinkled liberally throughout the wiki, and as such many of the statements may only be partially true, or even outright lies spread years ago by malevolent or mischievious entities.

The only way to find out for sure if something is true is to investigate it in game.

What is the correct spelling of Fae?

There is no standardised spelling in this time and, to replicate this, the GM team have each spelt this word as we see fit.

Who can I contact for more information?

The GMs can be reached at gm@misrule.chaosdeathfish.com. The GMs can easily receive over one hundred emails daily. If you want to get our attention, please put FAO GM TEAM in the subject line, in capitals.

How soon can I expect an email to be answered?

The GM team are all busy people with degrees, jobs and other commitments. While we try to get back to players as soon as we can, queries requiring a CAMPO call can only be answered during lunch or after work. (Lunch is an infrequent occurance: the CAMPO works in childrens' services.) Please be patient - and double-check your email was marked FAO GM TEAM.

I have spotted some historical inaccuracies...?

This is an alternate-universe, fantasy setting loosely inspired by the world as it was in the 1190s, when England was ruled by the Angevins. We have taken blatant liberties with timescales, personalities, and magical creatures and abilities. We have updated many attitudes e.g. sexism to make the game acceptable and relevant to a modern audience.

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