Skills run from 0 to 5, the higher the better: without spending any points on that skill you have a skill level of 0. They represent your abilities, both magical and mundane.

You may choose to take a specialisation in any skill for up to two of your skills. Specialisations give you a bonus in situations where they are applicable, but a penalty in situations where they are clearly not. For example the specialisation Combat(duelling) will give you a bonus if you are fighting one on one, but a penalty if you face multiple opponents.

You do not need to take a specialisation in a skill.

Character Creation

  • You have 9 points to spend on skills.
  • Each rank costs one point, so to take a skill at level 3 costs 3 points total.
  • At character creation, the maximum level you can take is level 3.
  • Optionally select a specialisation for up to two of your skills.
  • Faith and Willpower are metaphysically incompatible, thus the sum of the two cannot exceed 5 for a given character.

We recommend that new players either choose three skills at 3 each (i.e. 3,3,3), or two skills at 3, one at 2 and and one at 1 (i.e. 3,3,2,1). Other combinations, whilst available, may be limiting for your character progression.

Levelling up

  • You get a point to spend on increasing your skills every other week. Points can be saved up.
  • Follows the same system as character creation, but level 5 costs two points.
  • A specialisation of a skill can be chosen or removed when you increase that skill.
  • You can only ever have one specialisation for each skill
  • At any given time at most two of your skills can have specialisations
  • Skill increases are applied at the end of the turnsheeting period (ie will not apply to that turn's actions).

There are thus 6 points available to spend over the course of the game, allowing you to develop up to two skills to level 5 for the last turn.



Administration represent your ability to organise large projects and organizations. In the world of Misrule it is almost exclusively possessed by the monks of the Church, who are often hired to assist in any bureaucracy that is required. Outside the Church, the Worshipful Company of Free Masons, the Mercantile Guild and senior military commanders (all currently on campaign with the queen) also have sufficient need to have developed some specialised skill in the area.

Exemplary specialities: Building projects, Armies, Taxation, organising ceremonies


Combat is your personal ability in a physical fight. It covers such things as using swords, wearing armour, firing bows, looking after your horse etc. Everything you need to be a soldier, or a highway man. This skill is very common, even among peasants who often have to fulfil feudal responsibilities to their lords. Commanding an army effectively requires Strategy, whilst running large scale army logistics requires Administration.

Exemplary specialities: Swords, Duelling, Archery, Shield Walls, Two-weapon

Composition and Rhetoric

This skill represents your ability to manipulate words and logic to achieve your ends. It covers everything from composing a song to writing a poem or authoring a book to speech writing. This skill can be very effective at persuading NPCs if backed with a convincing plan. To enhance your ability to deliver your pretty words, you may wish to consider the Performer quirk.

Exemplary specialities: Song Writer, Speech Maker, Poet


Craft is your ability to make physical things. It covers everything from stonemasonry through tanning and brewing to farming. Higher levels imply higher quality, however if you want your work to be renowned for its beauty, you may wish to consider the Artistic Flair quirk.

Exemplary specialities: butcher, baker, vintner, brewer, smith, weaver, spinner, fuller, embroiderer, leatherworker, calligrapher


Faith is your trust and belief in an entity greater than yourself. It is the basis for using faith-based magics.

Faith specialities reflect your dedication to a particular saint or pagan god. For further details see the magic page.

Note: Faith and Willpower are metaphysically incompatible. The total of your Faith+Willpower must be no more than 5.
Exemplary specialities: Saint Benedict, Totatis


Investigation is your ability to put clues together, track people through urban or wild environments, spot people acting suspiciously and other similar things one might wish to do as part of an investigation.

Exemplary specialities: Tracking, Stakeouts, Gathering Information


Skulduggery represents your ability with the more dubious arts of sneaking about and picking locks and pockets.

Exemplary specialities: Thievery, Ambushes, Urban stealth


Strategy is your ability at commanding armies (or even small groups of men) in combat, also siting camps for military advantage and engaging the enemy on your terms in a place of your choosing. Note that actually hitting people yourself requires Combat, whilst logistics requires Administration.

Exemplary specialities: Tactics, Cavalry, Grand Strategy, Chess


Self-belief is your ability to believe— and trust your life to —six impossible things before breakfast. It is the basis for using the magic of the fey.

Willpower specialisations represent your adherence to a particular trope. See the magic page for further details.

Note: Faith and Willpower are metaphysically incompatible. The total of your Faith+Willpower must be no more than 5.
Exemplary specialities: Knight, Trickster, Fool.

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