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 +====== Gallery of Demiurges ======
 +{{http://i.imgur.com/fL9iBuR.png?550px | "Firebird" - by A. Borkowska}}
 +{{http://i.imgur.com/E2n7Sky.jpg?450px| "Patience" - by R. Moore}}\\
 +//Above Left//: The Firebird, one of Maryushka's several forms.\\
 +//Above Right//: The Lady Patience with her flesh-puppet, created for the purpose of keeping the humans at ease. Her real self hovers just behind or above it, pulling on the thin silver strings, cloaked in faerie glamour and hidden from sight.\\
 +//Below Left//: Chrysalis, as a chair.\\
 +//Below Right//: Group Photo! Left to right: Chrysalis, the Firebird, Dythaem, Etzen, Merlyn, Lady Patience, and the Announcer (not a Demiurge)
 +{{http://preview.turbosquid.com/Preview/2014/05/25__05_45_39/medieval_chair3_th02.jpg4b99544d-2c33-4ca7-9994-320e87749f24Original.jpg?400px | Source: http://www.turbosquid.com/index.cfm}}
 +{{http://i.imgur.com/j1zEqei.jpg?600 | "Announcement of the Demiurges" - by R. Moore}}
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