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 +======The Knights of St GeOrgy======
 +Gerard downed the last of his whisky and glared blearily in the direction of the other Knights. The glass hit the polished surface with a thud that interrupted the quiet chatter and turned all three heads to face him.
 +"Fine. FINE. You want sex on the Round Table? Sick of you all. Bunchvperverts. FINE. Get your trousers off. This is what you want, this’s what you get,” he slurred, attempting to pull his shirt off and getting his head caught in the tight collar. He tugged futilely, overbalanced, and crashed to the floor. His bare back twitched once and was then still.
 +Samuel, Rhydian and Lahav exchanged looks for a long, silent moment before Rhydian sighed and stood up.
 +“Let’s get him to bed. Samuel, take his legs?”
 +Samuel put down his own drink and grabbed Gerard by the ankles.
 +“I hope he remembers this in the morning. Because I am definitely reminding him.”
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