… the playground is a privilege, not a right. And you know what they say about abusing privileges…

Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far far away, there was a magical woods. The kingdom was ruled over by a Queen, who used her power of…

…Crochet to create teddy bears for everyone. This made her subjects very…

…dead, for a plague of being-allergic-to-wool…

… The queen then crocheted some new subjects, but unfortunately…

… they were lifeless puppets with dull, mirthless eyes…

… But then everyones eyes are dull and mirthless after reading their turnsheet.

Ways not to submit your turnsheet

  • IC
  • Writing it on the whiteboard in the room the GMs are having the meeting
  • Handwritten on paper and given to the GMs in person
  • Late
  • After the GM meeting
  • 2am on Tuesday Moring
  • After turnsheets have come out
  • During the session after it was due
  • During the next society game
  • Running a tabletop/LARP/future society game based on your planned actions
  • Proposing it as a motion at the TGM
  • As a speech at the Banquet I am prepared to accept turnsheets given in Banquet speeches as long as the result can be delivered in the same format. I may hold you to this if I have to do 15 again… ~ TL
  • Via the medium of dance
  • Written in the blood of the unbelievers
  • tapped out in morse code while in the absurdly spacious sewers under the GM's homes
  • As a wanted poster detailing the crimes you expect to be wanted for committing.
  • Via folk ballad filk
  • Through training a small red bird to chirp in morse code
  • Through Prince John barbershop quartet
  • Through encoding ASCII values into excessively nested playgrounds
  • Via a series of IC proposals
  • Via a series of IC proposal rejections
  • By wasting 15 minutes of another PC's time making an oath to a pigeon
  • In answer to a God berating you in session when they ask “any questions?”
  • Through the medium of ill-advised fae deals
  • Through the medium of lying roundly through your teeth about ill-advised fae deals you totally didn't make
  • Written in icing on a cake Actually the GMs would probably be very in favor of that
  • By editing the music link below
  • By encoding bits in whether or not you slay gods that show up to Godstow in order to spell out ASCII values.
  • In you character's native tongue, unless that's English.
    • I don't think they'd be very happy with turnsheets in Old/Middle English either.
      • What about future English?
  • Through a tasteless “Easter egg hunt” involving riddles about the location of the next action and piece of the GM's beloved pet.
  • Written in bloody scars on your back.

Let there be music

Go here… [NB the next person to change the link will have playground privileges revoked - this means you Cameron.1)2)]


Some characters look just like their physreps, others are maybe a tad taller and less female. Meant to do this aaaages ago, but am rubbish. Here are pics of what the Knights actually look like:

Gerard, though missing his fabulous moustache and for once uninjured

Pre-fae Rhydian

Lahav, though needs more maniacal grin

And of course, Samuel

1) I resent the assumption that I'm the only one who's changed this
2) Honestly, Cameron. Really now. Behave!
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